【switch软件】大气层 Atmosphère 0.10.5百度网盘下载

发布时间: 2020-12-30


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【switch软件】大气层 Atmosphère 0.10.5百度网盘下载,修复了一个导致Atmosphere的致命错误上下文不能为某些进程转储TLS的错误。一般系统稳定性改进,增强用户体验。


  The code that creates romfs images was thus changed to be significantly more memory efficient, again.

  Memory requirements have been lowered from ~4x file table size to ~2x file table size + 0.5 MB.

  There is a slight speed penalty to this, but testing on Football Manager 2020 only took an extra ~1.5 seconds for the game to boot with many modded files.

  This shouldn't be noticeable thanks to the async changes made in 0.10.2.

  If you encounter a game that exhausts ams.mitm's memory (crashing it) when loading layeredfs mods, please contact SciresM.

  Romfs building can be made even more memory efficient, but unless games show up with even more absurdly huge file tables it seems not worth the speed trade-off.

  A bug was fixed that caused Atmosphere's fatal error context to not dump TLS for certain processes.

  General system stability improvements to enhance the user's experience.